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Erika Petrelli
The Scary Thing

So I was thinking about this post I wrote back in April of 2012, called “..

Erika Petrelli
On Wings & Whimsy: Interactive Journal and Web-Series Episode 2

Hello, and welcome to Week TWO of the Wings & Whimsy Webinar series.  I’m so..

Erika Petrelli
More Than Ever... Grace and Space

Oh, it’s starting isn’t it? Our human need to examine and comment on how..

Erika Petrelli

I don’t know how this is affecting you, specifically. I don’t know if you..

Erika Petrelli
Don't Lick Your Neighbor

I’m typing this over my twentieth cup of coffee, coughing and sneezing up a..

Erika Petrelli
The Power Of Children

Last month, I asked Marlowe (my 11-year old) to write another post for me. ..

Erika Petrelli

Do you have people in your life that make you go “Damn—THAT is how I want to..

Erika Petrelli
The In Between

The concept of “liminal space,” the space in between—in between what’s “now”..

Erika Petrelli

I have a shirt that I love… it’s so cozy and baggy and soft. When I wear it,..

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