ABCs of Leadership

Amplifying Experiences

Building Leaders

Cultivating Culture

Inspiring Transformation in Schools,
Communities and Businesses


Amplifying Experiences | Building Leaders | Cultivating Culture

The ABCs of Leadership are more than just building blocks. Together, they form a powerful road map for igniting change in schools, communities and businesses.


Amplify Experiences

People remember vivid experiences. More importantly, they remember the feelings associated with them. Our activities embed art, science, business strategies, current events and human experiences to evoke emotion, inspiring and empowering participants to engage and connect more deeply with the content and each other.

We don’t lecture. We create living, moving experiences for your students, teachers, families or employees. During our workshops, participants build the kind of bonds that come from stepping outside of their comfort zones to realize their individual and collective potential.

Build Leaders

We believe everyone can be a leader. Our goal is to give students, teachers and employees the chance to find leaders within themselves.


Using a social emotional framework of growth, in our workshops, we build on strengths and create opportunities for powerful change. We use vision and imagination to help our participants see past the limits they’ve set for themselves, or that society has set for them. By helping participants navigate the social and emotional landscape within themselves and those around them, we open up the possibilities for them to dream beyond what they ever imagined for themselves.

When students, teachers and employees begin to recognize their own potential, they can help others do the same. That’s building leadership.

Cultivate Culture

Culture is more than just a buzzword, it’s a palpable feeling that permeates school and company hallways. And if that culture is negative, it is internalized by everyone who enters that building.

To cultivate positive culture, we start with the individual. People who feel that they’re valued and believed in want to succeed. Students want to show up to school every day. And employees who are given the opportunity to grow personally and professionally become motivated to do so.

Nurturing a truly positive environment starts with inspiring people to create new habits, which will become the basis of new norms that reflect shared values.


The ABCs of Leadership

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