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Our Employee Development Programs Connect Teams and Inspire Future Leaders

Taking care of your employees doesn't always mean raises and rewards. Creating a space for them to learn, grow, heighten their social-emotional proficiencies, and develop new skills shows them you value them both personally and professionally.

The Leadership Program's innovative workshops provide thoughtful, intensive learning opportunities for employees at every level, from interns to partners to CEOs. We inspire connections across your departments with our team-building workshops, and accelerate leadership potential in your promising employees.


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Our Approach to Employee Development

Typical team-building and leadership development workshops are dry and boring, or cheesy and inauthentic. We know that you learn by doing, not by listening to lectures or watching PowerPoint presentations.

All of our employee development workshops are tested by our staff and fine-tuned before they’re brought to your business. We use role-playing, group discussion and experiential activities to create a true learning experience for your employees.

Our experience as educators gives us the tools to teach your employees. We’re able to quickly assess which workshops would be most beneficial to your company, and implement those with minimal lead time.

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Employee Training and Development Programs

We can provide programs that cover the gamut, from individual development to team building to organizational programming. They include:

Leadership Coaches

Our leadership coaches help you build and strengthen your leadership pipeline through 1:1 coaching. They work as accountability partners to your staff to guide them in putting their leadership into action. We’ll work with you or your team members on a per-session basis, in person or over the phone, to boost interpersonal social-emotional skills that enhance team effectiveness and to build professional skills that motivate and stimulate innovation.

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The Leadership Classroom

This comprehensive program series identifies and works with employees in your organization who show great potential to become leaders. For your business to succeed, it is critical to keep your employees engaged and help them continue to learn and grow, while simultaneously building company loyalty to increase retention.
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Employee Training Sessions

In business, change is constant. We’ll work with your employees to improve their ability to adapt to change while looking for opportunities within organizational challenges. This workshop will help your staff and your business as a whole apply creative, innovative thinking to growth and development.
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Our off-site retreats are both strategic, tactical endeavors, and a chance for your employees to have some fun away from the day-to-day demands of their jobs. Through role-playing, group discussions and experiential activities, we create an inspiring, motivational experience that leaves your staff refreshed, invigorated and focused.
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Team Building

Work with us to create a totally tailored and unforgettable experience for your team. Our workshops – including scavenger hunts, cooking competitions and Brazilian drumming – help improve communication and cohesiveness across your team while also looking for solutions specific to the challenges your organization is facing.
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Leading by Giving: Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is critical for attracting top talent and enhancing the altruism of your company’s culture. We provide training that will help you build and implement a CSR plan, increase employee buy-in and develop a strong initiative that leads to positive social impact.
Virtual Hang

PLARK @ Work

Parents are overwhelmed trying to work while managing their children in remote learning—you can help by providing them with exciting virtual pod sessions that engage and educate their kids.


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What You'll Learn

Depending on your business needs, you can choose from a number of training topics, which we'll use to create an environment of experiential learning in your organization. This approach empowers your team to take the positive experiences they have with our lessons and apply them to improving their day-to-day skills.

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Leadership and Management

Communicate, delegate and motivate!

  • Manage engagement, time, resources and responsibilities better
  • Cultivate ownership among employees at every level
  • Empower leaders to remove roadblocks to their teams’ success
  • Identify areas of strength, as well as places with potential for growth and personal development

After training, your staff will be ready to implement strategic changes to how they manage and lead their teams.

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Our communication training will help you and your team:
  • Master both difficult and not-so-difficult conversations
  • Create systems and habits that break down silos and foster communication among departments
  • Present your message in the most compelling way
  • Improve emotional intelligence and, therefore, overall success
Enhancing your team’s internal and external communication skills will improve your business performance overall.
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Company Culture

Nurturing a truly positive environment starts with inspiring people to create new habits, which will become the basis of new norms that reflect shared values. To strengthen your brand and help you retain top talent, we:

  • Help you find meaning in your work (beyond the business bottom line)
  • Increase your organization’s willingness and ability to learn
  • Show your team how to increase productivity while avoiding burnout
  • Encourage your team to embrace both personal growth and relationship-building

Improving culture means instilling a purpose in your employees, and empowering them to work together toward common goals.

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”This leadership workshop was the best I have ever attended in my professional career. It motivated me to take the information gained and really apply it to my life, both personally and professionally. I felt like I walked away better informed about what it takes to be an effective leader.”


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