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Our Practical Approach to Youth Development Builds a Culture of Motivation


Create a Sense of Belonging That Translates to Achievement

Empowering students to succeed begins with shifting the way they feel about themselves. Students who are isolated in their schools and communities lack the motivation to achieve in the classroom.

Developing leaders starts with instilling a sense of belonging. Our youth development programs engage students in social emotional learning (SEL). We first teach students to understand their own feelings, then turn that self-awareness into empathetic relationships, responsible decision-making and critical thinking skill building.

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”Thank you for teaching me everything about leadership. Now, because of your help, my five-year-old cousin looks up to me.



Personalized Programming for Your Unique Needs

Every school has its own culture, its own community and its own challenges. Programming that resonates in a neighboring school might not be the right fit for your school.

At The Leadership Program, we listen to your story and determine which programs will be most effective. These programs combine the latest research and data with our years of experience to dial into the needs of each individual school, and include Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) standards and Common Core Learning Standards (CCSS).

Learn more about our nationally acclaimed programs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us. We’ll work with you to create a program that serves your school or community.


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Youth Development Programming

  • leadership-skill-development

    Leadership Skill Development

    This school-based preventive intervention and nonviolent conflict resolution program is targeted to young adolescents and teens, with lessons that are facilitated during a class period. It has been field-tested in urban public schools and refined for optimum effectiveness and student engagement.


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  • herstory


    Designed to empower young women to find their voices and cultivate their identities, HERstory provides tools for fostering healthy relationships, setting goals and boosting academic performance.


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  • boys-2-mentors

    Boys 2 MENtors®

    Our activating young men’s program supports the transition to adulthood with identity development lessons, effective communication workshops and SMART goal-setting exercises.


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  • conflict-resolution

    Conflict Resolution

    Our foundational leadership development program has been nationally recognized as a promising model program in the area of school violence prevention.

  • mindfulness


    Mindfulness improves focus, compassion, self-control, regulation of emotions and resilience – all important skills for today’s young people. We’ll help you create and implement an intervention that changes hearts and minds, as well as the culture of classrooms and school communities.

  • expanded-learning-time-after-school

    Expanded Learning Time and After School Programs

    Expanded learning programs give students a safe space to cultivate their creativity and develop social responsibility while having fun. Our dynamic role models are professionally trained not only in their respective crafts, from music to dance to yoga and everything in between, but also in strategies for incorporating social and emotional learning into these engaging activities.

  • herstory copy

    Bullying Prevention: Empowering Upstanders

    The Leadership Program takes the approach that eradicating bullying in schools is in the hands of the witnesses, who can either be bystanders or upstanders. To empower upstanders in your community, we take a comprehensive, customized strategy that targets the challenges your school is facing.


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  • RISE-Community-Building-Spring-Creek

    RISE: Mentoring

    This program uses mentors to re-engage students who are in danger of dropping out. Participants have shown improvements in student attendance and credit accrual, as well as academic achievement, goal setting, school connectedness and classroom behavior.


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  • character-education

    Character Education

    We help students and teachers work together to lower the rate of negative incidents in schools and foster caring communities. Educators learn to engage students in character-building activities that integrate with academics, and students can participate in extracurricular activities that encourage self-expression.

  • Ativo 12

    Organized for Life

    Our practical approach to academic success gives students the tools to get organized and take ownership of their education. The program includes study skills, organizational strategies and opportunities for celebrating success. It also gives students the chance to practice life skills they’ll need in the future.


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  • leadership-u-erin-college-pins

    Leadership U

    Our college readiness curriculum offers grade-appropriate syllabi targeting grades 5 through 12. Each grade-level syllabus focuses on scaffolded leadership and social-emotional learning skills, investment in education, goal-setting strategies, and developing support networks for college and career success.

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  • large-scale-events

    Large-Scale Events

    The Leadership Program can help your school or community organization implement extraordinary large-scale events. We specialize in creating full-day combinations of workshops, assemblies and performances that combine fun learning and community engagement around a specific objective or theme.

  • Teacher PD

    Restorative Justice

    We have seen how powerful and transformative Restorative Justice practices can be, embracing everyone as a valued community member. RJ practices lay the groundwork for students and staff to step confidently into leadership roles, develop mature decision-making skills, and take responsibility for their actions and the impact they have on others.


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  • AIMon the board

    Social Emotional Learning



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