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What is Working Genius

Working Genius Icons Assessment Tool (1)

Assessment Tool

a tool used to identify an individual's unique strengths, areas of expertise, and what brings most joy and satisfaction from Work

Working Genius Icons Productivity Tool (2)

Productivity Tool

Understanding and leveraging genius, helping individuals increase productivity across the board.

Working Genius Icons Team Map

Team Map Creation

focus on tasks and projects to be more efficient and effective in their work and capitalize on strengths.

Working Genius Icons Framework to Work

Framework to Improve Work

Help people decrease frustrations and find more engagement and success in their work and joy in life.

Unlock Your Team's Potential with a Working Genius Workshop

Choose the Perfect Duration, Location and Format for You.


  • Live In Person - NYC
  • Virtual - Anywhere
  • Hybrid
  • Offsite

Workshop Duration:

  • 2 Hours
  • 4 Hours
  • Customizable


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Who is this Training For:

  • Someone the leads meetings or teams of any size
  • A Leader looking to improve your team's productivity
  • Employees who are "Burning Out" and want to find more joy from work
  • Company looking for ways to lower turn over and improve overall culture

What will you learn:

Master the Art of Meetings for Maximum Success.

  • The 6 types of Working Genius
Unlock the potential of your team by leveraging everyone's unique combination of Working Genius. Each type of Working Genius - be it Wonder, Invention, Discernment, Galvanizing, Enablement, Tenacity - comes a specific set of strengths and weaknesses that can help or hinder individual and collective success. Identifying these areas of competency and frustration can be key to unlocking each person's true potential and optimizing their performance within the team. By understanding how to leverage The Six types of Working Genius, teams are better equipped to tackle even the toughest challenges.
  • Three Stages of Work
For any successful venture, there are three key stages of work: Ideation, Activation and Implementation. Wonder & Invention combine to explore possible solutions, Discernment and Galvanizing assess the idea’s workability and get people excited about it, while Enablement & Tenacity ensure the idea is implemented and results achieved. By understanding the three key stages of work a company can unlock their team's full potential. A team can effectively explore and assess ideas and solutions to ensure successful implementation. This knowledge can lead to increased productivity and better results.
  • Responsive VS Disruptive
Responsive Geniuses react to the environment around them and others, while Disruptive Geniuses provoke change by creating new ideas, adjusting focus and attention to something new, and ensuring completion of projects with higher intensity standards. By learning when, where and how to use both Responsive and Disruptive Geniuses, companies can ensure that they are taking advantage of every opportunity to be successful.
  • The Genius of Meetings
To ensure meetings, conversations and interactions remain productive, it's important to realize when and how to gear up our Geniuses. Without this understanding, there is a risk that the usual flow of work can be disrupted by trying to fit everything into one Genius. Understanding when and how to regulate our Geniuses is essential for successful outcomes and happier workplace.

In the Training you Will:

  • Learn your Geniuses, Competencies, and Frustrations
  • Team Diagnostic
  • Putting your Geniuses to Work on Teams
  • Team Map Debrief
  • Team Gap Analysis
  • Learning to Run Productive Meetings
  • Come up with Action Steps on ways to immediately improve the way you work
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Why Us?

The Leadership Program is one of the few trusted teams certified to provide training for Pat Lencioni’s Working Genius assessment, a new leadership tool that helps your team grow and maximize their potential. We are experts in leadership training, and we’re excited to share this novel approach to help companies unlock the potential of their employees. All you need to do is reach out and schedule a workshop with us today.

Expert Facilitators Who Have Worked With Pat Lencioni

Pat Lencioni is one of the most well-known names in business management and leadership. His book, “Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” is popularly-used to help improve team dynamics and performance. Recently, Lencioni has published a new book that helps you discover the natural talents of your team — “The 6 Types of Working Genius.”

This book helps leaders and teams identify the fastest type of work that leads to joy and energy without burnout. The key tenet is matching the right kind of talent with the right kind of task. However, this concept is easier said than done. That’s why workshops are necessary to help companies understand the ideas shared by Lencioni in the book.

At The Leadership Program, we’ve worked closely with Lencioni through his workshops. His personal guidance has allowed us to gain deeper insight into his book and the processes outlined in it. We used this knowledge to facilitate our Working Genius workshops and guide you the same way Lencioni did us.

Pat Lencioni Working Genius Certification

The Leadership Program team has been certified to provide Working Genius workshops, whatever size your team may be. We can help you improve your team’s productivity, cohesion, and morale, improving overall work culture into one that fosters camaraderie and cooperation while avoiding burnout.

Aside from the six types of working genius, our workshops will tackle ways to synergize these traits for maximum results. We can help you create a team map and a framework to decrease frustrations and improve work. You’ll learn about the three stages of work, the two types of geniuses, and the wonders of good conversations, interactions, and meetings in the workplace. After our lessons, you’ll be able to harness the power of responsive geniuses in your company.

A Team With a Clear Vision

The Leadership Program traces its origins in the bustling and vibrant New York City. The location’s diverse and transformative culture reflects our methods and goals. We want to help in unlocking your inner working genius through our effective leadership training solutions. That way, you and your team can grow and stay on top, no matter how things change.

As a women-owned business, we embrace diversity and differences. We’re always curious and ready to explore new developments and adapt to trends, which led us to fruitful collaborations with industry giants — including Lencioni. Then, we apply the insights we learned to our classes and workshops, engaging all participants and equipping them with the knowledge to reach new heights.

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