Bridging the Gap Between Schools and Families

Supporting Family Engagement in Education


Students are shaped by a multitude of influences in their world: schools, peers and most importantly, their family. At The Leadership Program, we know how important it is to create balance, positivity and inspiration within those influences.

Parents can positively affect their children’s academic success through engagement with their school. Decades of research shows that family engagement in education results in:

Parents and guardians who understand and have the tools they need to effectively manage their emotions, express empathy for others, cultivate positive relationships, make positive and proactive decisions, provide powerful models for children to learn and mirror those skills. They develop a strong foundation to apply these skills to their own relationships.

The Building Family Program Helps Parents Help Students

To be impactful, family involvement in schools must go beyond asking them for time or money. Our nationally recognized family engagement program, Building Family, helps develop connections between schools and families through relevant, empowering workshops.

When schools become a resource and partnership for families, they create a sense of community for students.

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”Each TLP facilitator has demonstrated positive and fun energy. They are so kind and always prepared. They always make sure to get all my P17X parents involved in every activity they do. Thanks for welcoming P17X to your program and making us feel like family.


Building Family Programming

Our workshops are available individually or in a series format.
Empowered Parenting

Designed to help parents and guardians navigate the challenges that are part of raising children, these workshops provide guidance for enhancing a range of social-emotional skills, including effective inter-generational communication, responding to difficult behaviors, dealing with conflict and improving communities.

Our World Today

In their schools and on social media, many children deal with bullying, violence and peer pressure. It takes practice to master the social-emotional skills needed to respond safely and effectively to these challenging interactions. This workshop series gives families the strategies they need to meet these challenges with confidence, empathy and awareness.

Healthy Living

Parents’ health – mental, emotional and physical – directly influences the health of their children. These fun workshops boost energy, promote aerobic fitness, encourage healthy habits and offer practical ways to use your social-emotional proficiencies and personal strengths to deal with stress.


Learn more about preventing bullying in schools.

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Supporting the Academic Journey

When parents and guardians are actively engaged in their children’s education and school day, the benefits last. Our workshops help caregivers partner with schools and communities to help them gain access to information and resources and encourage academic success and connectedness.

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College Readiness

Preparing for college is a daunting journey. It involves compiling college lists, picking classes, studying for the SAT/ACT and preparing to make academic and financial decisions that will affect the student’s future. We can help guide students on that journey. Depending on the needs of the school community, this can include workshops on the college application process or one-on-one mentoring.


Steps for Success

Empowered families are successful families. Our workshops are designed to equip caregivers with the skills necessary to effectively navigate in their lives: time and financial management, goal setting, resume writing, job interviewing and self-affirmation.

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Creative Spirit

These customizable workshops help to build relationships through fun activities such as poetry, crochet, soccer, scrapbooking, arts and crafts and book clubs.

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