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Workshop Listing

Keep Your Team Motivated and Engaged

Increase Productivity And Profitability With The Ideal Online Workshop

Finding Inspiration (Which Can Be Like Trying To Find Nemo)

How do we find inspiration in these unusual times? And why is it important to nurture our own inspiration while offering opportunities for our staff to do the same? Participants of this workshop will get an inspiration exploration, designed to tap into and replenish each individual’s sources of inspiration.

Using Social Emotional Learning to Magnify Your Virtual Leadership

In these unique and extraordinary times, true leadership is more important than ever. In this session, participants will learn how to lead virtually, and will also discover ways to nurture and cultivate their company culture.

Leading Virtual Teams

What does it mean to lead a team, virtually? How does your leadership expand, evolve, and pivot when leading from afar? Participants in this session will learn key strategies for maximizing their remote leadership to ensure team productivity and well-being.

Growth Mindset

You may have heard of the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset, but have you thought about how it affects your company culture, employee engagement, and business productivity? The truth is, nurturing a growth mindset among your employees will change the very nature of your organization. Participants of this workshop will understand the difference between a fixed and growth mindset, learn how to develop a growth mindset in themselves and their staff, and gain tools for creating a growth-focused culture.

Leadership 360: Engage on all Levels

We understand leadership, traditionally, as a top-down approach to management, where the “boss” leads the team. But true leadership is much deeper than that, and the opportunities for leadership are all around us, in every direction. Participants of this workshop will understand the tools for leadership, not just with their direct reports, but with their supervisors, their peers, their clients, and beyond. Leadership truly is a 360° opportunity, and we’ll show you how.

Battling Virtual Fatigue

As the world has shifted to a virtual reality, many of us are spending more hours in a day tethered to our screens, traveling from one virtual meeting to the next. Whether you are on Zoom, or Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams, or Slack, or Skype, or Facetime, or, or, or….. our minds and bodies can start to be negatively impacted by so much screen interaction. Participants of this workshop will understand the adverse effects of extensive virtual meetings, and will learn strategies for combating “virtual fatigue.”

Increase Employee Morale and Reduce Anxiety

Using Mindfulness to Ease the Effects of Covid 19

As we witness one of the most life altering events in our lifetime we are deeply affected in many ways.  Our manner of work and everyday interactions has dramatically changed.  We are now embarking on a new normal and while most of us are trying to go with the flow, the strain of flexing in this new way can be very stressful.  In this workshop participants will examine how the strain of uncertainty impacts our bodies and minds and how we can keep stress at bay using mindfulness techniques which will benefit us through the pandemic and beyond.

Compassion Fatigue with Stephanie Stolzenbach, LMSW

Participants will increase their awareness around the signs and symptoms of burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma, and how these can impact one’s overall wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. Participants will explore how an intentional plan for self-care can help to manage stress as well as restore and refuel the self. 

Cultivating Mindfulness at work for a more Effective and Engaging Culture

Studies have shown that we have the potential to crank out our best work if we’re in flow and can focus. However, with so many outside influences and our perceived ability to multitask, we sometimes fall short of our intended goal, feeling overwhelmed and unable to make an impact on important tasks. In this workshop participants will examine ways to increase focus on ourselves and tasks in general using meditation and yoga as a tool to generate more mindfulness at work.

Leading Workshop Smiling

Brush Up on Your Leadership Skills

Servant Leadership

What does it truly mean to lead people? Much more than a position of power, true leadership is about serving those that you lead—approaching your job with a “What Can I Do for You?” mindset rather than “What Can You Do for Me?” Participants will learn about the Servant Leadership approach and will practice skills that identify and best meet the needs of those they serve—staff, peers, and stakeholders alike. Participants will examine case studies that show how a Servant Leadership approach leaves teams feeling motivated, empowered and therefore more engaged and productive, boosting organizational success.

Tips to Effective Coaching

You don’t need to be a paragon of insight to effectively coach your team. You just need some simple yet strong practices that are proven effective to coach your team for continuous improvement. In this workshop, participants will learn specific circumstances when coaching is the correct form of guidance to use and will then practice techniques to coach effectively both remotely as well as when teams are co-located.

Emotional Intelligence

Participants of this workshop take a deep dive into Daniel Goleman’s approach to emotional intelligence, understanding why emotional intelligence, or the “softer” side of leadership, is a critically important aspect of leadership and work. Empathy, effective communication, problem-solving, and collaboration are just a few of the skills that are developed with a greater understanding of emotional intelligence and the opportunities within. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) improves leadership and managerial performance but it is often too theoretical and hard to put into practice. This workshop will give you assessment tools and techniques to put these concepts into day-to-day practice. Employees will gain self- awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management skills. Participants will self-assess and look at ways to improve their ability to work with others and even improve sales.

How to Give Dynamic and Compelling Presentations

Our biggest fear is not about dying – it’s about speaking in public. In this training participants will identify and learn about the essential elements needed to deliver dynamic and compelling presentations. Participants will uncover and acknowledge their most pressing fears of speaking in public and practice effective techniques to help get grounded and centered before stepping into the spotlight. After taking this workshop, participants will understand what elements matter most in making a memorable presentation and will be able to deliver their message in a way that resonates and inspires action.

The Softer Side of Leadership

Leadership is often a training of “hard skills”: budgeting and time management; HR and strategy. However along with those important skills, we ought not to forget the equally important “soft skills.” Effective communication, company culture building, and team visioning are also critical skills necessary for leading a team to greatness. Participants in this workshop will learn the softer side of leadership... which, trust us, is as hard as it gets.

Tips for Increasing Productivity and Accountability

Setting Smarter Goals

Tired of setting the same old goals? Have you done the S.M.A.R.T. goals and the S.W.O.Ts and the W.I.G.s year after year, with little noticeable difference? Participants of this workshop will scrap the old approaches to goal setting and take a fresh new start, coming up with a system that is actionable and will deliver results—for them and for their team.

Tips for Getting More Done in Less Time

How many times do you get to the end of a long work day and feel like you haven’t checked a single item off of your to-do list? Do you work extra hours to get the job done, only to feel like you’re not accomplishing anything? This workshop will explore time-management, specifically looking at the most common forms of “time suckers”—those things that make us work harder and longer, but not better. Participants will leave with tools for clearing away the clutter so they can get more done in less time.

Tips and Tools for Maximizing Virtual Meetings

Just like live meetings, our virtual meetings can be time wasters—dragging on for longer than they need and leaving our participants checked out instead of tuned in. Participants of this workshop will learn how to maximize the effectiveness of their virtual meetings—from tips on creating virtual agendas, to strategies for getting participant involvement, to tools for both motivating and informing your team—this workshop will leave participants with a fresh approach to their every-day meetings.