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Playful, joyful, and impactful-- The Leadership Program is your one-stop shop for all of your student leadership and campus life needs. From one-hour assemblies to full weekend retreats, we’ve got you covered with the best motivational speakers for college students. Specializing in human-centered social and emotional leadership, our trainings help strengthen your campus and ignite participants’ ability to step into their unique leadership. We will work with you to create a leadership experience that suits the unique needs of your students and campus, and keep your students motivated and engaged!

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Ignite Your Students' Leadership

Leadership Development comes in many forms- our brand of leadership is all about bringing you our best inspirational and motivational speakers on leadership, experts at helping your students discover their brand of leadership.

Assemblies and Keynotes

We offer guest speakers to provide motivational keynotes and interactive leadership teambuilding sessions, perfect for your student assemblies and campus activities!


No matter who you are training, our leadership workshops are an invaluable asset to your team. We will work with you to design the perfect workshop, or series of workshops. And our internationally -recognized team of motivational speakers will travel to you, so no matter where you are located, we have a leadership speaker near you!


If you are creating a leadership development retreat for your student advisory board, student campus life team, Dorm RAs, or any other leadership group-- look no further. We will work with you to design a getaway filled with team connection, skill-building, leadership growth, and fun

Get More Out Of Your Leadership Training

Choose From A Variety of Topic Areas- All Customized Specifically For YOU

Emotional Intelligence

Our Emotional Intelligence capabilities account for as much as 80% of our success in the workplace. Topics include Empathy, Self-Awareness, Kinder Leadership, Gratitude In Action, Leading Impactful Meetings, and more.

Effective Leadership

Whether you are leading a Fortune 500 company or a local bake sale, impactful and effective leadership is a craft. Topics include Effective Communication, Active Listening, Flexible Leadership, Building Team Trust, Effective Time Management, and more.


Teambuilding that's more than just trust falls. These activities truly work to engage and connect your team. Topics include traditional teambuilding, as well as Dynamic Meetings, Strengthening Team Culture, and more.

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