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On Wings & Whimsy: Interactive Journal and Web-Series Episode 2

Erika Petrelli

Hello, and welcome to Week TWO of the Wings & Whimsy Webinar series.  I’m so glad you are here.


If you clicked on last week’s link, you know that our theme was “Awakening.” You had two invitations for reflection—one was a “cup of golden sun” list, and the other was a word drawing.  If you missed it, go back at your leisure and check it out.


For this week, though, we are moving on to “Unfolding.” There are three brief videos to this week’s episode, each 2- 5 minutes long, and each with an invitation for reflection.  


**Editor’s Note:  From 2016 to now, some Gremlins snuck in and removed some links from our videos.  You’ll know what parts are missing when you get there.  Erika will be “filling in the blanks” for you over on the Facebook Group (so be sure you’ve joined!)


To begin with, I’d love to dive into the “moments” of our lives… the love moments, the horror moments, and the eh moments in between. In this 5 minute video, I’ll invite you to do a check in of the year so far (and try to think of this year even before March, which felt like an entire year itself):


Once you’ve started to unfold your life moments, it might be good to reflect on your “wow.” Here is a not-quite-four minute exploration into the coffee and the cathedrals that make up our lives, and the places in our homes that we cherish—an important task right now, when our homes are dominating spaces for us:


And then finally, here is a minute and a half challenge to go outside.  Given the current state of things, you may need to tuck this one away for later. But if you are in a space where going for a walk is still an accessible activity, check this out and see what kind of “wow” you can discover outside of the walls of your current living space:


It’s okay to feel a lot of different things right now. These are truly unprecedented times, where not a single one of us has a guide map to follow. And so I do think it’s more important than ever to find, and to honor, all the moments that make up the sacred spectrum of our days.


May you find some “wow” in your days this week.


With love,



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