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Low attendance, bullying, shaky social-emotional skills, unmotivated students, disengaged families and teachers can create a wave of negativity in your school or community. It’s not always easy for leaders to see beyond their challenges and design a path for change

Innovative, Inspiring Programming

We engage your school or community group by creating a unique shared experience. We meet you where you are, then guide you outside of your comfort zone to a place where positive change is possible.


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For Students

Build a culture of positivity and motivation for your students through our youth development programs with fun, engaging exercises, after-school activities, embedded social emotional skills development, and violence-prevention initiatives.

For Staff

Foster team- and skill-building for your teachers and school staff through our professional development programs so they can meet challenges with the confidence of true leaders.

For Families

Give parents and guardians the opportunity to develop their own skills through our family engagement programs, while they also foster strong relationships with their children’s schools and communities.

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Creating Leaders Through Social-Emotional Learning

Our programs use social-emotional learning to teach students, teachers and families how to engage with each other and with the world by first understanding their own feelings. Self-awareness turns into empathy, which translates to stronger relationships, deeper connections and the desire and ability to lead.

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"This was the best Professional Learning year ever.  The feedback I received included: phenomenal trainer!, AWESOME workshop, exciting, inspiring… when can we do it again?  The staff have unanimously agreed that the workshops will definitely benefit their practice."

Donna Brailsford, Director of Safety and Youth Development

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