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Christine Courtney

What does leadership have to do with business?

Leadership is at the intersection of emotional intelligence and strategic thinking. Both are integral to business in today’s world. Leadership development today is more social- emotional than ever...

Erika Petrelli

How gratitude changes you and your brain

Gratitude has lots of positive effects on the individual and his brain. Gratitude can make you happier and more satisfied with life, and it can also reduce anxiety and depression. Being grateful can...

The Leadership Program

What Is the D in DISC Personality Test

The Leadership Program

The Effects of School Gun Violence

Each year, as many as three million kids are exposed to gun violence in the U.S. Whether injured, having witnessed a shooting, or simply attending a school where gun violence has taken place, can...

The Leadership Program

Ways to Prevent Gun Violence in Schools

It is easy to think of school shootings as senseless tragedies beyond our ability to understand. It's also wrong. Gun violence in schools, like any issue, has its contributing factors, which we can...

Elaine Porcher

How To Discover And Encourage Your Staff’s Unique Leadership

Unlocking Leadership Potential Through Assessments

By now, the best leaders know that to increase productivity, grow your company, and improve employee job performance, you must understand exactly...

The Leadership Program

Cyberbullying: What Schools, Teachers, and Students Can Do to Stop It

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that relies on digital technology (online bullying) to threaten, scare, shame, or anger another person on a repeated basis. Bullying has always been an issue that...

Tom Armstrong

How to Have Constructive Conversations that Support Staff Growth

Anyone who is leading others quickly realizes that effective communication is one of the most important and most difficult skills to practice. Yet having constructive conversations with your team...

The Leadership Program

How Building Relationships Will Transform A School's Culture

Turn on the news and there is a good chance that you are going to hear about failing schools in the United States and how we are not reaching our kids. And while there is plenty of data out there to...

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