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Erika Petrelli

Loving This World

Oh, Texas.  

Erika Petrelli

Football Proud

My son, who is in first grade, played rookie tackle football this fall. The season ended a few weeks ago, with his team winning the 1st grade championship. It was a spectacular finish to the...

Erika Petrelli

As Planned

I had the honor of traveling to Utah last week for the Utah Afterschool Network's fall conference. My travels home on Saturday proved to be...well, lesson-worthy.

Erika Petrelli

Bending The Arc

So I went to see a performance by author/educator/activist Parker Palmer (whose book, PS, "The Courage to Teach," sent me on the professional path I've been on for more than twenty years now) and...

Erika Petrelli

On Story

I love stories. The power of stories. The idea of stories. The belief that stories are what connect and bind us.

Erika Petrelli

The Beautiful You and We

Some weeks I turn to the words of others in absence of words of my own.


When It's NOT the Worst Thing

Happy Monday, Everyone. Our dear friend Ali had quite a night last night... a wings & whimsy night if I ever heard of one. So, today's post had to go to her, for a moment of reflection that all of us...

Erika Petrelli

Right Nows

Today is the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. I've been thinking about it, obviously, and my experience living in New York City during that time. Today also has Floridians...

Erika Petrelli

Go Play

Today is Labor Day. A day to celebrate the work you do... and to take a day OFF from that work. it's also the unofficial end of summer; most pools will close after today. Many school-age children go...

Erika Petrelli


Dylan (my six year old son) is a race car fanatic.  Specifically, NASCAR.  More specifically, the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series.