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Erika Petrelli

Changing Landscapes

I once rear-ended a city bus. During the busy morning commute. A city bus filled with passengers. Passengers that all had to evacuate the bus upon my rear-ending of it, and wait on the sidewalk for a...

Erika Petrelli

The Things We Carry

I was in New York City working last week, and on one evening participated in a teambuilding activity that was modeled after the show Project Runway. I was one of the lucky/unlucky models for this...

Erika Petrelli

On Wings and Whimsy

Today’s society pushes for us to be extraordinary in all things.

Erika Petrelli

Pencils and Possibilities

I love pencils. Freshly sharpened, classic #2 pencils. I love the smell of a freshly-sharpened pencil. I love the way a sharp pencil feels on a thick, new notebook. I love the way you can erase away...

Erika Petrelli

A Love Story: My First Car

"My first car" is something you can only say once. In this post, Erika discusses her passion for a plucky little vehicle, literally held together with staples and duct tape.

My first car was a 1977...

Erika Petrelli

Within the Lines

So much of life seems to depend on simply staying within the lines. Erika mulls upon this, and the impact it has upon our lives and our sense of creativity

      I am the world’s worst parker.

Erika Petrelli


Ah, summer. Cookouts and swimming pools; hot days and lazy nights. And, of course, fireflies. Beacons of summer, the dazzling lights that dance among backyards and through fields. It’s no wonder that...

Erika Petrelli

Angel Whisperer

Watching the U.S Open in golf recently, it occurred to me that in another life I’d like to be a golf caddy.

Erika Petrelli

Shark Attack

My mom and I once almost got attacked by a shark, sort of.

Erika Petrelli

Ghost Story

What’s real and what’s fiction?