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    Decoding Team Dynamics Using the Working Genius Model

    Unlocking Team Potential: Exploring the Six Types of Working Genius

    The Power of Self-Awareness in Leadership

    In the latest episode of "Stepping into your Leadership," we dive into the fascinating world of working geniuses with our hosts, Christine Courtney, and special guest Philip Courtney, CEO of Urban Arts. This innovative framework, created by Patrick Lencioni, categorizes six types of innate talents that shape the way we work. Through personal anecdotes and organizational insight, Christine and Philip explore how the Working Genius model shifted the culture at Urban Arts, fostering greater understanding and collaboration among its staff.

    Six Working Geniuses: A Blueprint for Effective Teams

    Wonder, Invention, and Beyond

    Key to their discussion is illuminating the six types of working genius: Wonder, Invention, Discernment, Galvanizing, Enablement, and Tenacity. Each type represents a unique contribution to the workflow, from the conceptualization of ideas to their execution and sustainability. By identifying which geniuses resonate with their staff, Urban Arts has unlocked a more thoughtful approach to team building and project management.

    Aligning Work with Natural Strengths

    Philip shares his transformative experience, highlighting how he leverages his strengths as a 'galvanizer' and 'inventor' to propel the creative endeavors of his organization. Christine, whose geniuses include discernment and galvanizing, anchors the conversation in the practical benefits of knowing and embracing one's areas of natural proficiency.

    The Assessment: A Tool for Personal & Professional Growth

    Dispelling Cynicism, Embracing Potential

    Initial skepticism often meets the Working Genius assessment, but as Philip discovered, the results bring about momentous realizations. The assessment is more than identifying what you're good at – it offers a mirror into how these talents shape interactions, decision-making, and fulfillment both at work and home.

    Beyond the Workplace: Implications for Personal Lives

    The episode also touches on the subtle ways these geniuses manifest in personal relationships and life choices. Discussing how they've applied insights from the assessment to planning vacations, Christine and Philip illustrate that understanding your Working Genius isn't just business—it's a life strategy.

    Language of Collaboration: Incorporating Working Geniuses in Daily Interactions

    Everyone Speaks Genius

    In Urban Arts, 'working genius' has become part of the daily vernacular. This shared language aids in normalizing vulnerabilities, elevating the strengths of every team member, and ensuring complementary skill sets are harnessed. The result? A staff that communicates more effectively and is primed for success.

    Naming Meetings for Success

    One practical application they discuss is categorizing meetings based on the dominant types of working genius needed. This clarity sets expectations and helps participants to engage in ways that play to their strengths, thus streamlining efforts and enhancing productivity.

     The Impact: A Testament to Transformation

     A New DNA for Urban Arts

    Philip's team has witnessed the working genius model evolve from a mere concept into the fabric of their organizational culture. Employees link their goals with their working geniuses, an alignment that doesn't just maximize efficiency but also satisfaction in their roles.

    A Cheer for Vulnerability

    Understanding working geniuses also invites a certain level of vulnerability among team members. As individuals acknowledge where they need support, this humbling recognition ushers in an era of empathy and collective accountability.

    Conclusion: Embrace Your Genius, Lead with Impact

    Wrapping up the episode, Christine reinforces the power of aligning one's professional life with their working geniuses, citing the joy and fulfillment it brings. The lively discussion between Christine and Philip exemplifies how leadership is not just about authority—it's also about authenticity, self-realization, and nurturing an environment where every team member can thrive.
    Tune in to the full episode to gain more insights into how you can step into your leadership by embracing the six types of Working Genius. Don't miss the next episode either, where Christine will be joined by Elaine to discuss growth mindset and leaning into strengths. And remember, whether at work or planning your next holiday, your Working Genius accompanies you—make it count.


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