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Leadership Development for the Classroom and the Boardroom

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For Schools

With our thoughtfully designed leadership development curricula, you can empower your people to take more pride in themselves and in your school. We provide the guidance with customized social emotional learning options; you create an environment where students and teachers feel inspired to lead and learn.

For Businesses

The Leadership Program creates team-building and leadership development experiences that don’t feel contrived, awkward or forced. Through practical collaboration, self-reflection, humor and empathy, you can help your employees ignite their leadership potential.

Team Building and Personal Development for Students and Professionals in Today's World

We won’t subject your team to clichés
We won’t subject your team to clichés

Awkward exercises and stodgy lectures aren’t our style, because they don’t work. We create team-building experiences that your team can apply to the real world.

Our methods have been pressure-tested in New York City
Our methods have been pressure-tested in New York City

For more than 20 years, The Leadership Program has helped hundreds of the most educationally and environmentally challenged public schools in New York City.

Our leadership trainers are realists
Our leadership trainers are realists

We know some members of your team just won’t want to participate. We embrace skepticism head on by taking cues from your people and your culture.

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