Women of Leadership: Speaking Up Pays Off

The Leadership Program
The Leadership Program

In honor of Women's History Month, all month long we will be focusing on the women in our organization who have taken risks and embraced change that have benefited schools, communities, businesses we serve and overall The Leadership Program. With consideration to internal and external factors and a strong desire to succeed these leaders are doing what most won't think is possible or necessary to move mountains and create culture that we call the ABC's of Leadership.
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Please enjoy this video short from our very own Meaghan Cross, Program Manager of The Leadership Program. In this piece titled, Women of Leadership: Speaking Up Pays Off, Meaghan takes a risk by telling her superior about her desires to redirect her consentration on projects that interests her.

Could taking this risk backfire or will this be the beginning of something great?

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The Leadership Program has deep roots in New York City, and our people embody its hope, diversity and transformative culture. We believe in curiosity, open-mindedness and lifelong learning. We apply those beliefs to our methodology in the classroom and the boardroom to inspire and invigorate schools, communities and businesses.