Professionalism Checklist

Amanda Meeson
Technician preparing check list in server room
  • Be early and prepared. The room, presentation, materials and YOU are ready to roll for any type of client from 2nd graders through CEOs.
  • Be appropriately dressed. The lens for professionalism here is activity/occupation specific. If I am teaching a basketball program, I am certainly not wearing a suit. I can wear sports gear. Even better, it with a  logo or representation of the company or school.
  • Do your homework. It’s not enough to simply know the location, time and topic. Do some research about who you are serving, the Principal and other personnel names, and the history of the school and surrounding community.
  • Hellos, goodbyes and thank yous: From the custodian to the principal to a parent; meet greet and build relationships with everyone you encounter. They may not see the impact you are making, but they will certainly form an impression from how you present yourself.
  • Leave it better than you found it. This certainly speaks to the space you are using. It can also be applied to a deepening of the service we strive to provide to the communities or clients we serve.
  • Get proof of service. Bring the documentation needed to be paid for the service. This could be a sign-in sheet for grant related programming, a time card, an invoice, etc. 


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Amanda Meeson

By Amanda Meeson