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Diving In To SEL, or Emotional Intelligence: How To Understand Each Competency As A Tool For Growth

The webinar titled "Dive Into SEL, or Emotional Intelligence: How To Understand Each Competency As A Tool For Growth" provides a brief overview of emotional intelligence and its importance in personal and professional development. The webinar introduces the four competencies of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. It emphasizes that emotional intelligence is a skill that needs continuous attention and development.

The speaker begins the webinar by engaging with the participants, asking them to share their location and how they feel about the approaching season. The discussion then transitions to the significance of emotional intelligence, highlighting that 75% of career derailments are related to emotional competencies. Emotional intelligence is also stated to be responsible for 85-90% of success at work, surpassing IQ and expertise.

The four competencies are explained in more detail, focusing on their practical application. For self-awareness, the speaker emphasizes the importance of identifying one's emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence behavior. Self-management involves regulating emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations. Social awareness involves empathizing with others and taking their perspectives, while relationship management centers around establishing and maintaining healthy and rewarding relationships.

The webinar then presents four tangible actions that individuals can incorporate into their daily lives to enhance their emotional intelligence. These actions are aligned with each competency. They include: checking blind spots (self-awareness), inserting the pause (self-management), replacing assumptions with curiosity (social awareness), and honoring the whole person (relationship management). The speaker encourages participants to seek feedback from trusted individuals to identify their blind spots and work on personal growth.

Overall, the webinar provides a brief but insightful overview of emotional intelligence and offers practical steps for individuals to develop their emotional intelligence skills.

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