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On the Ground - Empowerment and Leadership's Core Values

Njoli Brown
Njoli Brown

Welcome to the Empowerment Blog. For our purposes empowerment will be defined as an action which "makes (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights."

This work is a practice in compassion and self-reflection. It requires as much dedication to bettering ourselves as it does to the betterment of the youths and communities we work with. Working with the Leadership Empowerment Cohort is an opportunity to share best practices, to find opportunities for collaboration, to voice your need for support and to highlight the bright moments that occur day to day.

The hope is that this blog and our meetings will act as portals to connect you with other facilitators who are finding new ways to imbue their Young Men's/Young Women's Groups, Peer Mediation or Student Unions, In Class Enrichment units, Student Government, Advisory, and academic clubs with Leadership Core Values.

1. Forge the path. Enjoy the journey.
2. Lead, learn, and lead again.
3. Foster an inclusive community through communication, connection, and common purpose.
4. Cultivate passion, creativity, joy, and a sense of adventure.
5. Respond to challenges, celebrate successes.
6. Create opportunities, embrace change, and support growth.
7. Pursue and encourage achievement in every act.
8. Make it, measure it, maintain it, and move it forward.
9. Commit to finding strategic and extraordinary solutions.
10. Contribute to positive change.

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Njoli Brown

By Njoli Brown

Njoli Brown is a comprehensive education consultant. He uses art, athletics, literature, interactive activities and pointed processing to create programs which engage students and educators from varied backgrounds in expansive learning processes. Through an array of both domestic and international work, Njoli has been able to accrue experience with numerous teaching methodologies and so, creates environments which feel collaborative, fun and practical. As a writer of curriculum for programs ranging from conflict transformation to young men's mentorship, classroom management to effective teambuilding, Njoli has a firm grasp on capacity building for facilitators, teachers, managers and project/program coordinators. He continues to write about art, education, travel and equity on his public forum: http://www.papernopaper.com