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Njoli Brown
Njoli Brown

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Every student loves a good field trip! Thing is, there's a lot to take into account, testing schedules, permission slips, DOE chaperones, and all the rest. So I like to get way in front of it, both talking about possible trips right up front to get a feel for how my school contact thinks we might make that happen and, having researched some feasibles that relate directly to my unit plan/semester outline.

Some forethought gives you the time to build some school relationships and, perhaps, make it easier to find a staff member who's willing to travel with you.  Maybe you even choose a trip that can somehow relate back to STEM/CCSS and thus have a classroom teacher whose work is supported by it.  This also lets your school's principal know you were thoughtful about the planning and have some real intention around choosing a trip that will feed the students on multiple levels.

High 5

I love this site!  They have a huge array of shows happening all around the city, give you quite a bit of advanced notice and, the average student price is $5 per.  This fits exactly into our field trip budget. I've had great luck finding productions that fit all kinds of educational objectives.

NYC Parks
I guess the title says it all. While the season is right, it's a good time to take advantage of some outdoor opportunities.  The calendar is really comprehensive and fits into our model of planning, planning, planning.

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Njoli Brown

By Njoli Brown

Njoli Brown is a comprehensive education consultant. He uses art, athletics, literature, interactive activities and pointed processing to create programs which engage students and educators from varied backgrounds in expansive learning processes. Through an array of both domestic and international work, Njoli has been able to accrue experience with numerous teaching methodologies and so, creates environments which feel collaborative, fun and practical. As a writer of curriculum for programs ranging from conflict transformation to young men's mentorship, classroom management to effective teambuilding, Njoli has a firm grasp on capacity building for facilitators, teachers, managers and project/program coordinators. He continues to write about art, education, travel and equity on his public forum: http://www.papernopaper.com