How company culture shapes Employee Motivation

Ana Zaldarriaga
Ana Zaldarriaga

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You’ve worked on your mission statement, core values and vision. Check. 

You’ve done your employee engagement surveys so that you get real feedback. Check. 

There’s free snacks, floating holidays, open concept work spaces. Check.  

Yet you still find it difficult to keep your teams motivated. Your company might have taken into consideration the balance of play, purpose and potential, but these are not the only elements that affect company culture.


Much like bright colors and grand visions, interest in anything can be fleeting, and cultivating and sustaining buy-in and ownership can be among the top challenges for business leaders.

From role design to performance reviews, if you want to keep your employees motivated, there has to be a connection from your workplace culture to the organizational bottom line. 


It’s up to you how to draw that line but the connection has to constantly reframe the work of your organization between the vision and mission, and how you can keep moving forward while keeping the lights on.


Whether it’s the overall long-term mission of the company, or a temporary project, here are 


8 tips to build and maintain a high performing workplace culture:


  • Ownership - 

Encourage initiative and accountability so that there is opportunity for personal growth and learning through work. The understanding of how an employee plays a role in the bigger picture keeps them in the picture.

  • Draw the Line - 

Make sure that the work is always connected to the vision (macro) as well as to the bottom line (micro). By doing this, you clearly show your employees their direct impact on the organization’s growth and successes.

  • Transparency - 

Speaking of bottom line, be clear on what that means. What does a net profit or loss mean? What is the impact in terms of services, stakeholders, and customer satisfaction? What are the short and long-term effects of achieving or missing the goals set forth?

  • Communication - 

Be clear and consistent about expectations, deliverables, due dates, scope of work. Make sure everyone knows what they have to do and how to get support if they need it.

  • Make It Micro - 

Set small goals and benchmarks so that steps are actionable and achievable. This creates a sense of possibility and achievement, and that one step leads to another.

  • Cheer then On! - 

Provide constant feedback, especially shouting out accomplishments. This fuels the fire to keep on going! 

  • Change it Up - 

Keep things interesting, whether it’s in how you have a meeting or update, or even the frequency or time. Our brains need a little disruption to be reignited.

  • Diversity - 

Diversity of voices, experience and expertise can lead to innovative ideas and approaches as well as representation of target audiences in any work.

  • All In -

 If you or your team are not all in, there’s always going to be an obstacle to overcome to getting the work done.


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Ana Zaldarriaga

By Ana Zaldarriaga

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