Drumming at the Front Lines - Happy


In light of the weather conditions these days, I chose to upload this brilliant song called, "HAPPY" by the multi-talented Pharrell Williams. We are always given a choice as to how we handle challenging times. Lately, when my seven year old daughter and I leave the house in the morning, we survey the conditions and decide how we will take on this latest "Adventure." Always an adventure. Today were blizzard-like conditions as we stepped out the door with our new motto, "Is it more fun to complain or to be brave?"

"BRAVE!" as we imagine we are gleeful warriors. Of course, complaining here and there is part of life, but the intention with which we venture out into the world, makes all the difference. I am going to bring this video into to my next club, and begin the day with a dance-a-thon. Let it snow!!!

And Be Happy!

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By Elizabeth