Drumming at the Front Lines - Finishing Strong

How can we leave a lasting impression as we close out the year at our schools?
"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." Bob Marley
Some ideas for final projects and fun summer work coming from Elizabeth and our music-inspired Trainer team.
FINAL PROJECTS-How can we leave a lasting legacy with the school community and our school contacts?
With Common core standards at the helm, here are some of the ideas for Final Projects that were brainstormed in our lab:

  • Create a theme-based soundtrack or jingle for the school.
  •  Elementary grade activity: "Storybook" Create a music score for a favorite unit book/story from their ELA class.  Present the story, with music score, to ELA classes.
  • PERFORMANCES: 1. Lead the Change Community based performance (senior citizen center, or combine a performance with a recycling initiative in the park) 2.Drum battle!  Encouraging healthy competition 3. Lunchtime performance and/or assembly performance. 4. Interactive performance including other clubs to collaborate on stage- such as martial arts, dance, poetry etc...5. Perform at halftime in a school basketball game.
  • School contact collaborations- example: talk to the history teacher and find out what countries they are currently studying.  Learn the rhythms/music of those regions, as well as the meaning and historical relevance of their music.  Present it to their history classes and have the music students lead or teach the songs/rhythms to the class.
  • Bulletin board gift-  Design a bulletin board for one of the classes that you collaborated with, replete with photos, art and story of class collaboration.
  • Incorporate teachers into performances as artists. So many faculty members have a wide variety of talents. Take the opportunity to involve them with their chosen artistic medium. (example: perhaps an ELA teacher would like to read one of her poems while the club provide quiet background music.)
  • School parade! This is especially fun with the little ones. They can dress in costume with faces painted,  then parade through the halls with handheld instruments.  Watch how they send musical energy to the afterschool clubs as they pass by.  (request permission for this activity through your school contact)
  • Create a video- Tom Armstrong has had great success with his video montages, which are very simple to create.
Here are some of the ideas presented to help students goal set for their summer:

For example: SHAPE UP NYC *Their website provides information on where families can take free yoga, dance, and fitness classes in a variety of beautiful outdoor locations throughout New York taught by professionals... and all  for free!

  • SUMMER MENTORING PROGRAMS- trainers take the time to research some mentoring programs near the school, and process the benefits with the students.
  • COMMUNITY GARDENS- Students can get involved in their local garden, by composting, planting, and even providing live music in the garden with their friends and family!
  • Students can teach family, friends, and loved ones, the music that they have learned this year.
  • VISION BOARD - allow the students to envision what they would like to accomplish this summer
  • ART SUMMER SCHOOL- Some schools, like Frank Sinatra High School, provide free summer art programs. Students must write an essay to be chosen.  This could be a great club activity. Provide incentives to make sure they finish their essays.
  • ALERT THE STUDENTS TO NY SUMMER FUN ACTIVITIES- Prospect Park Zoo,Summer Stage, Botanical Gardens, Beach clean ups, Charitable marathons, Bronx Zoo, and Drum Circles in Central Park!

VIDEO PROJECT FOCUS- Claudio and Greg chose to take a step by step approach to how they would go about creating a video for their club, supported by Tom Armstrong.

  • Camera/stand,
  • Large black backdrop, tape and scissors
  • colored or white chalk
  • editing equipment (at TLP office)
  •  Video release forms must be signed by parent
  • Aim and description of activity
  • Set up backdrop and camera
  • Explain video process
  • Brainstorm (warm up)
  • DO IT!!!!!!!!
  • Process experience
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By Elizabeth