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Note of introduction:
Drumming at the Front Lines is a part of the blogging Content Specialist initiative started at the beginning of this school year. This blog in particular is spearheaded by Leadership Trainer and Content Specialist Elizabeth Pupo-Walker. The content of these blogs have become an excellent support to many Leadershippers, and we are adding it to our main site in order to further promote this practical, motivating, and inspiring resource for educators. I hope you look forward, as I do, to checking out these posts on the first Monday of the month on our site.

Ali Mercier
Communications Specialist

Sometimes it can be an isolating feeling when challenged with disruptive students. This blog is a unique opportunity to share best practices when trying to manage club or classroom behavior in a music-related setting. Whether you are a drummer, teaching students with excessive energy, or teaching keyboards to students who aren't respecting the instrument, here is a place to share your particular story and seek advice from this stellar cohort. We can all relate!

Goal setting

I find goal setting to be a very helpful technique for individuals or clubs that lack direction or behavioral consistency. No form of punishment is used, but reinforcement results if the specified goals are met. Students' input is important. They can brainstorm possible goals for a week, month, or longer. For instance, you may consider using this method to improve sight-reading skills in music. The students can identify the long-range goals and several short-term goals, and cooperatively they help plan the techniques to be used to improve their skills. The payoff could then be free time or an extracurricular activity. If you give this kind of direction and focus to study, you may forestall many behavior problems.

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By Elizabeth