5 Steps to Creating Positive Company Culture

Ana Zaldarriaga
Ana Zaldarriaga

Creating a positive company culture is essential for the mental health and well-being of employees, as well as the organization's bottom line. It is important to encourage employees and create a positive work environment to cultivate a positive corporate culture. 

Here are 5 steps to create a positive company culture and maintain a positive work environment:

Celebrate Success.

Recognize and publicly acknowledge the accomplishments of all employees, from custodians to executive staff. Celebrating personal successes, such as a new baby or new home, demonstrates a work-life balance and shows that the company values employees' values.

 It is so important to find cause for celebration!  Whether it's a group accomplishment or just one person’s, placing a spotlight on the positive brightens everyone’s day. 

The positive contribution of each person has an impact on the whole. Note that while it is important to acknowledge your employees' work successes, it is even more important to acknowledge their personal successes or milestones. Showing personal care for the members of your team and valuing what they value makes them dedicated and long-term employees.

Be Transparent

Share pertinent information with staff, promote open lines of communication, and build trust and loyalty among employees.

By disclosing pertinent information to your staff, you are letting them know that rank and seniority don't take precedence in being informed and that there are open lines of communication. Sharing the state of affairs of your company builds loyalty among employees by communicating trust and openness.

Encourage Initiative and Support Growth

Encourage employees to grow and take risks to find solutions, creating opportunities for them to step into leadership roles.

To see what other options for positive change exist, people must try new approaches, take on different roles, and create new systems. 

If failure is expected, nurtured, and encouraged to find a solution, this can be daunting, but employees are more willing to take risks with higher payoff.

Bring in an Expert.

Show commitment to employee development by bringing in outside experts to share new knowledge and practices with staff.

Don't be afraid to let an expert come in and help shake things up a bit, as no one company holds all the keys to success. Bring in an outsider to trust, a breath of fresh air, and show your staff that you are willing to invest in their development by bringing in others to share new knowledge and practices with them. In hopes of getting them inspired to innovate, we were brought in to try new strategies with his staff.

Seek Inspiration.

Continuously look for new ideas and perspectives to infuse into the company culture, and seek inspiration from other successful organizations.

Don't ever get too comfortable and think the culture can't get better. A fresh perspective and some new ideas always help people out. Try to infuse creative ideas into your company's culture, or at least look for other great examples and see what else you can learn.

By following these steps, companies can create a positive workplace culture, improve employee morale and engagement, attract top talent, and ultimately benefit the bottom line.

 It is important to get employee feedback, to build a positive company culture, and to maintain a positive work environment--all of which contribute to a positive work environment.

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Ana Zaldarriaga

By Ana Zaldarriaga

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