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Erika Petrelli
Erika Petrelli

Even though my work, and my friends and co-workers in New York City all have another month of school and full-scale programming to go, over here in Indiana school’s OUT for summer. June marks the beginning of summer break, so we’re peering out over a few months of pool, swim lessons, camp, and adventure.

I was thinking that I should write a blog about summer, then, and how to make the most of it. But then I thought—what do I know about making the most of summer break? I should be asking the experts. 

So, once again, I am delighted to bring you my favorite guest blogger, my beautiful Marlowe—who turns NINE this Friday, by the way, with her advice on how to have the Best. Summer. Ever.


Hi, everyone you probably know me from Be Yourself and Fearless Girl or you don’t even know me at all. Either way hi! I’m Marlowe Petrelli and I am almost 9. Well today I am going to be writing some tips of what to do over the summer so it is awesomely fun. Here we go!

Tip 1. Go to the pool. I mean everyone loves the pool. (even if you don’t get in)

Tip 2. Clean your house. I know it’s not the funnest but… let’s face it, it NEEDS to be done.

Tip 3. Put on a show! Put some fun music on and dance your head off.

Tip 4. Go to a park. You need to have time outside so… go to the park and have an awesome picnic.

Tip 5. Ride bikes. Go ahead and have fun and put your legs in pain. Hey, you’re still getting exercise.  

So, I hope these help you with some ideas for your summer break!


I asked Dylan to weigh in but he declared that he “didn’t have anything in his mind about that.” Based on his behaviors so far in our first few days of summer, though, I would guess his answer would be “set up race tracks all around the house and re-enact Nascar races repeatedly.”

I love summer, and have written about that love before in an Ode To Summer.  In the end, Summer is so much more than a break from school or work, or a trip to the pool. It’s an opportunity for a different state of mind. It’s an invitation for a fresh perspective. It’s a time for expansion rather than restriction. Summer beckons us to look up, to look out, and ultimately to look in.

Whether summer has already started for you or is still a month away, what will you do to soak it in and find a summer state of mind?


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By Erika Petrelli

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