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Pushing the Envelope

Erika Petrelli

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It’s always been important to me to push the envelope beyond what is and explore the realm of what isn’t yet. I love the question “what IF….?”, not when it’s followed by a doom and gloom scenario (What if we lose all of our funding? What if they hate our programs? What if I get eaten by a shark??), but rather when it’s followed by magical and preposterous idea (What if I moved to Indiana? What if we actually wrote a weekly blog? What if we had weekly internal trainings? What if we turned this closet space into a place trainers could come and get supplies? What if all these separate programs combined into one department?)

The Trainer Room, Popcorn**, LP Classroom, The Programming Department, Wings & Whimsy and our national publications through BOOST and NAA, The Difficult Conversations Wheel, the position of Field Supervisor…. I love imagining a “what if…” and then seeing it come to life.  And better yet, seeing it take a life of its own, beyond what I ever could have imagined, once others get their magical hands on it. And I love to be a co-conspirator on someone else’s “What If…?”, like working with Christine to bring Leadership In Action (formerly Pathways To Leadership) to life, or working with Wendell to turn a sale into reality by writing the “Organized for Life” curriculum. 

Everything is made up before it’s real.

Everything is scary before it’s hum drum.

And EVERYTHING is possible; we just only need imagine it first.

(**author’s note: Blonka came up with the name for Popcorn, just to be clear!  I’m not taking credit for the naming.  😉 )


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