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Drawing Parents In with Deeper Content: 20 Questions to Ask

Erika Petrelli

We all want more parents to engage in our programming, but what are we doing to get them there? How much are we thinking about what they want versus what we want from them?  Here are some questions designed to get you thinking about your parents, and how you can offer more meaningful content that just might get them through the door.

  1. What are my parents’ schedules? When are they working and when are they free?
  2. How many children are my parents raising, on average, and what are their ages?
  3. What activities do the children participate in, and when do those activities occur?
  4. When do my parents come to the school, and for what reason?
  5. What could I offer during the times that my parents are already coming to the school that would add value to their day?
  6. What do my parents need help with, and how could I help?
  7. What are my parents worried about?
  8. What do my parents struggle with?
  9. What community partners might be able to support my parents, and how?
  10. Where else, besides the school, could I offer something for my parents?
  11. What skills would my parents like to learn, and who do I know that could teach them?
  12. What might my parents need to renew and refresh, and how could I offer that to them?
  13. What do my parents need to help them navigate raising children, and what could I offer to support them?
  14. How can I best showcase my parents’ children so that they are able to see all their great work?
  15. How can I make sure my parents hear about their children’s day?
  16. What parents have special skills that other parents might like to learn or know about, and how can I showcase them?
  17. What might my children be able to teach my parents?
  18. What local businesses offer free courses that might be beneficial to my parents (i.e. banks that offer financial planning)?
  19. What local businesses offer free food or gear that might parents might want during an event?
  20. If it were me, what would I want my child’s school to offer me?

What would you add to the list?



"Drawing Parents In with Deeper Content: 20 Questions to Ask", The Leadership Program, Inc. 2016


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