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Behind The Curtain

Erika Petrelli

I’ve had so many conversations with people lately about how when we look at other people, and their lives, it can seem on the surface to be “just fine”… possibly pretty dreamy or idealistic, even. But then when we even get a cracked door glimpse inside the reality of that image it’s like “Ohhhhhh, wow.”

 Ohhhhh woooowwww.

 I never cease to be amazed by people.  And the multi-layered, complex, unimaginable circumstances of their lives and their day to day reality.

 But what I love most are the moments when I (we) recognize that, and then decide to just show up as our broken, layered, complex, more-than-meets-the-eye, have-had-a-morning-already selves for each other.

 Because we all have something going on.   We just do.

 And so the picture doesn’t matter one lick, in the end. The moment does.

 This moment does.

 I made a call this morning that was important to me.  I sent a text this morning that was important to me.  And I remembered to look my son squarely in the eyes as he was explaining something very important to him about Minecraft to me this morning. That’s three things, at least.

 Because oh boy do I measure my “I didn’t”s… against those dreamy, idealistic pictures of everyone else’s “I did”s. And I have a stack of I didn’ts, that just pile higher and higher. Do you?

 But the picture doesn’t matter… the moment does. This moment does.

 Someone once said “Oh my darling, it’s true.  Beautiful things have dents and scratches too.”

 So, go join the other dented and scratched folks. They are all beautiful, nonetheless. And you are too.

 How can you find beauty in the moments today?

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