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Be Yourself

Erika Petrelli

Today's post features a guest blogger, my daughter Marlowe.  She is six years old and in first grade.  Here is what she'd like to say:


Be yourself!

Don’t copy off your friends.

Don’t do something because your friend wants to.


Be the one you want to be!

Run fast!

Play hard!

Have a great time!

Be good in school!

Just remember to be YOURSELF!

I don't know about you, but this is advice I needed to hear today. May we all remember to be ourselves-- the self that we want to be. May we remember not to be swayed by friends or co-workers or neighbors who would try and tell us how or who or what to be. May we always run fast and play hard. Thanks for the reminder, Marlowe.

How can you be yourself today? 














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