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Using Mindfulness in Youth Development

Elaine Porcher
Elaine Porcher



The benefits of mindfulness cannot be overstated. For those that work with youth, mindful practices work to improve focus, deepen connection, decrease conflict, and release anxiety. Participants of this workshop will learn simple ways to incorporate mindful practices into their youth programming. 


Child Meditating in Classroom Setting


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Elaine Porcher

By Elaine Porcher

Elaine Porcher is the Senior Director of Business Development for The Leadership Program where she is responsible for enriching school and community partnerships and designing programs that help transform school culture in New York City and nationwide. With over 20 years of experience designing curriculum and facilitating workshops for parents, educators and students, Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to schools and communities that include finding strategic solutions for districts nationwide, coaching teachers in student engagement and providing effective management tools that motivate and excite staff.