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Erika Petrelli


Well it’s September 11th.   

Erika Petrelli

The Big Wild World

Well.  Here we are…. After Labor Day. Those of you lucky ones who have been holding out for “back to school”—your time has come. Either today or tomorrow, most of the rest of you are heading back to...

Erika Petrelli


Marlowe’s two best friends were over for a bit today, and since I’ve been continuing to think about all the bits and parts of what goes into “back to school” time lately, I asked them about the...

Erika Petrelli

A Lifetime of Firsts

Starting a new school year is sooo hard. It’s been fascinating to watch my kids go through the dynamics of relationship-building and relationship-changing and relationship-relating. And just,...

Erika Petrelli

Behind The Curtain

I’ve had so many conversations with people lately about how when we look at other people, and their lives, it can seem on the surface to be “just fine”… possibly pretty dreamy or idealistic, even....

Erika Petrelli

Diving Into The Unknown

And just like THAT! It’s back to school time. My children head back to the classrooms and hallways and homework and bell schedules next Tuesday!  In one week!    ONE WEEK!

Erika Petrelli

I Don't Get It

I don’t get Marshmello

Erika Petrelli


“Hello everyone! Its Marlowe again. Today I thought I would write about my summer adventures because I for one likes to read stories that other people write. So this summer we have already had tons...

Erika Petrelli


Happy Fourth-of-July Week!  The quintessential marker of “summer” for many of us.  Since it’s on Wednesday this week, I’ve heard so many people talk about how it makes the whole week feel like a...

Erika Petrelli

Awake Moments

So I didn’t post a blog last week because I was computer-less; my laptop having been the unfortunate recipient of a cup full of water.  And, unlike humans, laptops don’t like water.

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