Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Our Social Emotional Leadership Credential Series

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills with Our Comprehensive Curriculum Taught by Experienced Professionals

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What will you learn:

Our Social Emotional Leadership Credential series is designed for individuals who are passionate about leadership and emotional intelligence. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful leader in today's complex and ever-changing world.

Our program is taught by experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the challenges that leaders face in the 21st century. Our instructors are committed to helping you develop your emotional intelligence and leadership skills through a combination of theory and practice.

The program is divided into five courses, each of which is designed to build upon the previous one. The courses are:

  • Intro to SEL and Transformative SEL as a Leadership Tool -  In this workshop to learn how social emotional learning (SEL) can be used as a powerful leadership tool to drive organizational success. This interactive workshop will provide a deep dive into the basics of SEL, including its historical context, key components, and domains, as well as the concept of transformative SEL and how it differs from traditional SEL.
  • Intentional Self-Awareness and Self-Management in Leadership  - Our expert instructors will guide you through the many layers of self-awareness, providing you with the tools you need to cultivate this essential skill through reflection and feedback. You'll also learn how to connect self-awareness with self-management, developing strategies to effectively communicate with others, manage your own emotions, and create an intentional plan for self-care.
  • Active Social Awareness in Leadership - In this workshop, you'll learn about the importance of social awareness in leadership and how it can help you to better connect with your team members, communicate effectively, and create a positive work environment. You'll also develop strategies for maximizing your own social awareness skills and creating an environment that promotes social awareness in those around you.
  • Building Productive Relationship Skills - This workshop offers strategies for intentionally building strong relationships with your team members, whether you are virtual or live, leading a small local team or a global one. Throughout the workshop, you will learn how to define productive relationships, identify common barriers to building them, and apply strategies to overcome these barriers. You will also learn how to utilize active listening, empathy, trust-building, conflict resolution, collaboration, and expectation management to build productive relationships with team members.
  • Impactful Decision Making and Leadership - participants will learn how their decisions impact their team and organization, as well as gain insights into the potential risks associated with their decisions. They will also develop strategies for effectively communicating decisions to their team and implementing ethical considerations in decision making. Moreover, they will understand team dynamics and develop tools for supporting their team towards optimum success.

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Our Social Emotional Leadership Credential Series

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Unlock Your Team's Potential with a SEL Credential

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