Valuable Life and Organizational Skills

Educate students with valuable life skills and organizational techniques using the Organized for Life curriculum.

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Organized for Life Curriculum

Teach students valuable life skills and organizational techniques with The Leadership Program's Organized for Life development curriculum. This educational plan helps students recognize their strengths, develop healthy academic routines, and advance their communities. With over 50 lesson plans that cover socio-economic, cultural, and learning differences, teachers can tailor this course to a wide variety of students.

Organized for Life's Format

This program is broken up into three segments. Each segment features specific goals, vocabulary, and self-reflection. The conclusions focus on using new skills to advance their communities and champion their personal and their peer's successes. Interactive exercises include personal goal setting, test taking, and proofreading. Through the Experiential Learning Cycle, teachers can assess exactly how students grasp the content.

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Segment One: Introduction and Teambuilding

To positively orient students to this program, section one has students identify leadership qualities they see in themselves and their peers. They will then assess their own learning style. This prepares students for productive self-reflection later, helping them ascertain their strengths and set goals.

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Segment Two: Organizational and Life Skills

This section focuses on both physical and mental organization. While the introduction focuses on academic success, subsequent chapters apply those techniques to the broader life skills curriculum. Organizational skills for students covered here include: • Prioritized to-do lists• Time management• Imaginative goal setting• Using their organizational skills to better their communities

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Segment Three: Study Skills

Building on the reflections from segment one, students will learn about multiple intelligences and identify their own. With this knowledge, students develop a meaningful framework to apply the study skills curriculum to their daily lives. They learn real-world academic practices such as:• Proofreading• Information organization• Effective research• How to celebrate personal and peer success

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Parent Involvement

As a supplement to this academic and personal development program, the curriculum also includes workshops for parents. Because the goals of this course include community betterment, parents are a natural resource for students to gravitate towards. Through a better understanding of this program's intentions and mechanisms, parents can bolster their children's academic and extracurricular success. Workshops cover:

  • Single parenting
  • Responding to challenging behavior
  • Successful communication
  • High school and college application
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