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Boys to MENtor

Setting young men on the path to a rewarding future begins at home, but is reinforced in the classroom. The Leadership Program understands this, and has developed an effective male mentoring program curriculum that adapts to individual needs, helping students to succeed. 


Leading By Example 

All children need guidance. Statistically, those who are involved in some type of young men's group curriculum demonstrate greater academic strength, and the willingness to step up and take on leadership roles. 

What Is Boys to MENtor?

The Boys to Mentor curriculum is a weekly course dedicated to male youth in middle school and high school. It can be delivered in the classroom during the day, or utilized as an after-school activity. Lessons encompass such topics as setting goals and dealing with authority figures. Literacy, writing, speaking, and physical activity are all focal points in the development of well-rounded individuals. The module establishes and promotes the skill-sets required to turn students into positive players in their communities. Boys to Mentor is a six-step approach to the fundamentals of becoming a successful and upstanding adult.

Lead Up: Introduction to Leadership

Kicking off the program, this section entails self-identifying leadership qualities, and recognizing these qualities in others.

What's Up: Identity

Here, the student delves into self-discovery and the positive potential they can harness because of their uniqueness.

Step Up: Interaction

This is where the young man learns how to have productive relationships with others through behavior and communication.

Own Up: Responsibility

Respect, education, and a take-charge attitude are emphasized in this section, spotlighting the ability to become an admired citizen.

Man Up: Roles as a Man

With attention on fatherhood and being effectual, here the student will understand how to be a role model.

Stay Up: Future Plans

In this final section, the concepts of problem-solving, facing challenges, goals, and work ethic teach how these decisions all contribute to personal legacy.

Mentoring For All

Whether a school is in need of an African American mentoring program, a Latino youth mentoring program, or any other area(s) of focus, The Leadership Program will provide an exclusive approach that's specifically tailored to that particular learning environment. Students will be learning from a custom-designed lesson plan that fits their lifestyle. 

Pave the Way

The Leadership Program is proud to offer the Boys to Mentor curriculum, and takes pride in escorting today's youth down the pathway to a successful adulthood. Your academic institute will benefit from our comprehensive and proven plan to create community leaders and upstanding citizens. Our educational methods and values will take hold almost instantly, and you'll witness exceptional results. Improved study habits, better grades, and a more controlled and respectful environment will be just some of the positive outcomes you'll see. Join us today to usher our youth toward their accomplishments of tomorrow! 

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