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Empowering Upstanders

Bullying prevention is necessary to a thriving education. Schools and communities alike have to take the initiative to ensure an all-encompassing wingspan for every child's upbringing. The Leadership Program is aware of this, and keeps this outlook as one of its core values. 

Empowering Upstanders is one of the many safety-first programs we offer. It focuses on bullying and what can be done to prevent it. The key lies with the witnesses, and how to turn them into Upstanders. 

Righting the Wrongs

The Upstander definition is simple. It's someone who recognizes the wrong and works to make them right. When comparing an Upstander and Bystander, the Upstander is the opposite of the Bystander, who watches and acknowledges but does not act. Both are different types of bullying witnesses. 

Encouraging Taking a Stand

The primary objective of Empowering Upstanders is to encourage positive action. In order to do so, a customized strategy must be formulated that specifically targets the challenge a particular school is facing. The Learning Program takes a three-level approach to this, divided into fifteen lessons.

 Organized for Life

Introductory Lessons to familiarize students with Empowering Upstanders

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Upstander Skill-Building Lessons that introduce situations and roles


Introductory Lessons to familiarize students with Empowering Upstanders

Everyone Has a Choice

The choice to be an Upstander or Bystander is up to the individual. The purpose of Empowering Upstanders is to create people who will take safe and calm measures to diffuse a situation. They may not have the power to end it, but they know that their power lies in the consequences of their actions or inactions. 

A Lifelong Framework

Empowering Upstanders pours the foundation for moral behavior that will develop into adulthood. It is a critical educational process to teach right from wrong and how to best react. This curriculum is an invaluable tool to generate a less stressful environment while also teaching refined principles that will lead to success. 

Learning isn't just about books and studies. Education should encourage well-rounded individuals who will eventually become unique and honorable adults. The Leadership Program will provide your school with the positive culture it needs to produce confident and respectable leaders. If you enrich your curriculum with Empowering Upstanders, you'll see improvement in your school's environment, day-to-day functions, and morale. Give your students life lessons that they'll take with them wherever they go. The Leadership Program is here to help. 

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