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Welcome to The Online Learning Center! We are facing a host of challenges at this delicate time and The Leadership Program is committed to finding strategic and extraordinary solutions to support your Online Learning experience.

Lead, Learn and Lead Again

This is one of the Core Values that we truly live by. Leading our teams, staff, and students remotely presents challenges for us to meet everyday. Right now we are all in a Learning mode, figuring out the whole Remote, Distance, E-Learning process –it’s an adventure to say the least. As our circumstances have changed we want to be able to Lead our professionals, educators, students, and parents virtually in the most effective way.

Create Opportunities, Embrace Change and Support Growth

Looking for ways to stay connected and provide resources even when we cannot meet face to face, we have developed a Virtual Learning menu to provide you with a range of SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) Workshops to support you and your staff. We are aware that there still much work to do before things get back to "normal" and we want to make sure your business or school needs are met to your satisfaction. 

Foster an Inclusive Community Through Communication, Connection and Common Purpose.

Student Programming and Parent Engagement are a must. How can we make sure to continue this programming online during Social Distancing? We have a full menu of Online Student Programming and Parent Engagement services that includes  Fostering, Social Emotional Programming, Virtual Enrichment, Restorative Justice, and more.


Virtual SEL Workshops
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Student Online Programming
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Virtual Parent Engagement
Virtual Professional Development

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