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Transformative Leadership Development Series for Middle Managers

In the dynamic realm of business, the leap from technical expert to inspirational leader is monumental. The Transformative Leadership Development Series is meticulously crafted to equip your middle management team with the essential leadership and management skills needed to elevate their teams' performance. This comprehensive series spans critical areas from building trust and emotional intelligence to effective decision making and navigating difficult conversations. Perfect for CEOs looking to harness the full potential of their middle management, this program promises to transform competent managers into visionary leaders who drive your business forward.

Preparing for Leadership Roles



In today's fast-paced corporate landscape, the real challenge lies not in identifying talent but in cultivating it to its fullest potential. Many organizations boast technical experts who excel in their domains but falter when stepping into leadership roles. This gap between technical expertise and leadership ability can hinder your team's progress and stifle growth.

Our Leadership Development Series is the bridge between these two worlds. Tailored specifically for middle managers, this program empowers your technical experts to transition into leadership roles with ease and confidence. We focus on the core aspects of leadership such as team dynamics, effective communication, and setting visionary goals, ensuring your leaders are equipped to inspire and guide their teams to new heights.

Investing in this series is a strategic move for forward-thinking companies aiming to nurture their next wave of senior leaders. It's not just about filling leadership positions; it's about preparing your leaders to face the complexities of management with a blend of confidence and competence. Choose to transform your technical experts into visionary leaders who drive success and innovation within your organization.

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Defining Leadership

A great leader understands the essence of leadership, recognizing it's not about authority, but about guiding with vision, integrity, and purpose.

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True leadership stems from self-awareness; a leader who knows their strengths, weaknesses, and triggers can lead with empathy, authenticity, and resilience.

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Building A Team

Exceptional leaders excel in teambuilding, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration, where every member feels valued, understood, and driven towards a common goal.

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Decision Making and Problem Solving

Decisiveness combined with effective problem-solving is the hallmark of a great leader, ensuring challenges are met with clarity, strategy, and adaptability.

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Feedback, Conflict and Difficult Conversations

Masterful leaders embrace feedback as a tool for growth, navigate conflicts with grace, and approach difficult conversations with tact and understanding, ensuring a harmonious and progressive team dynamic.

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Presentation Skills

A great leader not only crafts a compelling vision but also possesses the presentation skills to inspire and rally their team behind it, turning abstract ideas into tangible action and results


Why Do a Leadership Development Program?

Listen to why Brooklyn Brewery Decided to do a leadership development program.

Dive into our Leadership Development Program, tailor-made for those brave souls ready to step up in the corporate jungle. We're here to transform eager beavers into lion-hearted leaders. Perfect for businesses that might not have a massive HR department but have big dreams and an even bigger sense of humor. Let's partner up and make leadership fun (and effective) again!


Transform from Office Hero to Leadership Legend!

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Standard Cohort


The standard Cohort consists of 2 In Person Workshops and 10 virtual online sessions.

12 Workshops
2 Coaching Sessions
up to 30 Participants
Social Styles Assessment ($95 Per Person)
One-on-One Coaching ($160 per Session)

Custom Cohort

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