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Built by Dreamers in New York City

The Leadership Program has deep roots in New York City, and our people embody its hope, diversity and transformative culture. Here, members of The Leadership Program have taught in classrooms, worked with young people in the community and chased their own dreams of art, music, theater and film.

Actor Ted Otis and our other founders envisioned The Leadership Program on a walk through Central Park. From the start, they’ve had two goals: to teach educators to use NYC’s cultural institutions and communities as an educational resource, and to provide effective leadership training in both educational and greater social contexts.

We’re a women-owned business that celebrates diversity and differences. We believe in curiosity, open-mindedness and lifelong learning. We apply those beliefs to our methodology in the classroom and the boardroom to inspire and invigorate schools, communities and businesses.

Our mission is to teach, and our programs are designed to engage your students, teachers or employees and create a transformative experience that empowers them to become the best leaders they can be.

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Programs Pressure-Tested in Our Communities and Our Offices

We’re not just consultants. We’re former teachers and current business leaders who understand exactly what it’s like to manage a department of 40 employees or a classroom of 30 energetic students.

We test our programs in-house before we bring them to you. Our office is a leadership lab: Any workshops we use in schools, communities or businesses, we’ve already fine-tuned with our own staff.

Your challenges are our challenges, but we also know that leadership training, the development of social-emotional skills, and team-building workshops are most effective when they’re specific to the organization experiencing them. Because of our experience leading classrooms and boardrooms, we’re able to dial into your unique needs and tailor our programs accordingly.


Our Core Values

These 10 core values guide our decisions, our interactions and our programming. As individuals and as a team, we strive to:

1. Forge the path. Enjoy the journey.

2. Lead, learn and lead again.

3. Foster an inclusive community through communication, connection and common purpose.

4. Cultivate passion, creativity, joy and a sense of adventure.

5. Respond to challenges and celebrate successes.

6. Create opportunities, embrace change and support growth.

7. Pursue and encourage achievement in every act.

8. Make it, measure it, maintain it and move it forward.

9. Commit to finding strategic and extraordinary solutions.

10. Contribute to positive change.

Our Administrative Staff


Ana Zaldarriaga

Senior Director of Employee Development


Blonka Winkfield

SVP-Development and Expansion


Caitlin Verhave

Community School Director


Carla Gomilla

Director of Financial Operations


Christine Courtney



Dani Ortiz

Operations Manager


Elaine Porcher

Senior Director of Business Development


Eliana Bourdier

Community School Director


Erika Petrelli

Senior Vice President of Leadership Development


Greg Loewer, Jr.

Community School Director


Greg Shamie

Director of Staff Development


Jenny Greeman

Program Director


Jazmine Dugall

Community School Director


Joshua Rosenbaum

Community School Director


Lisa Donlan

Community School Director


Matt Flynt

Director of Programmatic Initiatives


Meaghan Cross

Program Manager


Melissa Alameda - Davila

Community School Director


Preston Graham

Community School Director


Ray Vicencio

Vice President of Finance


Sam Sheppard-Gonzales

Program Manager


Shani Long-Boxill

Community School Director

306662424_114956078015206_132182773255743271_n (1)

Savannah Zambrano

Community School Director

Tatiana 2019-1

Tatiana Dominguez

Vice President of Operations


Tom Armstrong

Senior Director of Programming

Copy of Wendell

Wendell Ramsey

Senior Director, School and Community Partnerships


Whitney Arnold

Community School Director


Yindy Beckim

Vice President of Programming

Leaders Are Always Learning

At The Leadership Program, we want our staff to continue to learn, grow and connect. Our employees receive 40 hours of training a year – in the fun, innovative and engaging style we bring to schools, communities and businesses.



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