What's Inside The Difficult Conversation Wheel

Overview: The Difficult Conversation Wheel is your essential guide to navigating challenging discussions in the workplace. Designed for managers, this tool empowers you to approach sensitive topics with confidence, clarity, and a focus on positive outcomes.


  • Self-Reflection Prompts: Begin with introspection, asking "Why is this conversation necessary?" and "What are the facts?" to ground your approach in reality and purpose.
  • Assumption Analysis: Challenge your preconceptions with guided questions like "What assumptions do I have?" to ensure a fair and unbiased dialogue.
  • Emotional Intelligence Framework: Utilize strategies rooted in emotional intelligence to maintain a constructive, empathetic tone throughout the conversation.
  • Actionable Steps: Follow a step-by-step process to plan, execute, and follow up on difficult conversations, turning potential conflicts into opportunities for growth.

Its Impact

For Managers:

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills: Strengthen your leadership by mastering the art of difficult conversations, fostering a culture of open communication and respect.
  • Improved Team Dynamics: Address issues promptly and effectively, leading to better team cohesion and a more supportive work environment.

For the Organization:

  • Boosted Bottom Line: By resolving conflicts and misunderstandings swiftly, you'll enhance productivity and employee satisfaction, directly impacting the organization's success.
  • Cultivated Workplace Culture: Promote a culture where feedback is valued and challenges are addressed constructively, setting the stage for continuous improvement and innovation.

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Master the Art of Difficult Conversations with Emotional Intelligence.