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Room to Grow

Ana Zaldarriaga
Ana Zaldarriaga
I spent the morning watching my daughter entertain herself with tissue paper.  Sometimes it is a piece of cardboard, a ripped bag, or an old cookie sheet.  We are at her grandmother’s house and despite the large wooden trunk full of colorful toys and noisemakers, she finds the greatest delight in the simplest things.  Often times, it is an item that is even on its way to the trash or recycling bin.
Her joy in simplicity makes me think of the abundance of less. She helps me focus and keep perspective on what is necessary. How many dish sets do I really need? Or blankets and books? How many black pairs of boots do I actually wear? It makes me think of all the things we carry, the weight of the idea of necessity, and what I already have in my life.
The other day my husband asked me if I had ever seen a crying tree before.  I didn’t even know what he meant.  So he walked me over to his favorite in from of his childhood house.  It was a naked tree crowned with spring buds waiting to open. At its base, was a darkened area that looked like a trail of tears.  Even though it was about to bear flowers again, he explained that when a tree knows its dying, it empties itself of its sap because it no longer has space to hold it.
Perhaps we all should not wait until the end of living to make space for our life.
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Ana Zaldarriaga

By Ana Zaldarriaga

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