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On the Ground - Empowered to Empower

Njoli Brown
Njoli Brown
Fresh green sprout coming to life on cracked desert ground

Have you used it?  The DOE School Website Portal gets you to the websites of schools all over the city.  Yes, it's useful for so many reasons.  But here I want to focus on "the mission."  As important as it is for us to be true to the Leadership mission we have just as much a responsibility to understand the mission and core values of the communities we are entering.

What better way to get on the right side of things than to be able to talk intelligently about the school's goals and with an understanding of why you've been invited to be there.
Now, true enough, not every school has a website set up.  But, even so, now you've another perfect question to ask in school meetings and another way to tie your club into the school day.
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Njoli Brown

By Njoli Brown

Njoli Brown is a comprehensive education consultant. He uses art, athletics, literature, interactive activities and pointed processing to create programs which engage students and educators from varied backgrounds in expansive learning processes. Through an array of both domestic and international work, Njoli has been able to accrue experience with numerous teaching methodologies and so, creates environments which feel collaborative, fun and practical. As a writer of curriculum for programs ranging from conflict transformation to young men's mentorship, classroom management to effective teambuilding, Njoli has a firm grasp on capacity building for facilitators, teachers, managers and project/program coordinators. He continues to write about art, education, travel and equity on his public forum: http://www.papernopaper.com