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My Favorites

Ana Zaldarriaga
Ana Zaldarriaga

When it comes to reading time with my daughter nowadays, she brings me to her room and asks me to get her a book. We browse the titles on the shelf until she stops me by saying “How ‘bout dis one?” We read together on the floor and when we finish, she smiles and says proudly “Raya favorite!”

As tender as that moment is, it is quickly replaced by another sweet moment and another new declaration of “Raya favorite!” This goes on and on for several books, then articles of clothing, toys, and a variety of knick-knacks.  At first, I started to worry that my child was lacking appreciation for all of her possessions. Then, as time went by, I saw that she actually had so much appreciation for everything. If all her inanimate objects had feelings, they would know how much they were loved.

I had a similar experience when I was helping my cousin clean out his closet and purge his unneccasaries.  As we went through each item, we remembered the specific memories associated with each of them. Some of these articles of clothing I knew to be among his favorite things, so I asked him “Don’t you love this? Why are you giving it away?” He answered “Because I have something else that I love more."

Although my cousin was making space for newer favorites while my daughter was holding on to all of hers, it was clear from both of them that our hearts have room for many. Whether it is a material possession or a memory in time, something that is still here or no longer exists, there can always be another favorite in our lives.  One definition of that word is preferred before all others of the same kind, and frankly our designation of uniqueness is subjective.

I found myself thinking what are Ana favorite(s)? And of course, when the question is asked I blank out and can’t remember right away.  Then after a minute or so… pumpkin pie, my family, my grey knit sweater, my black knit sweater, my friends, cashmere, my black boots with red soles, sunset, the Pacific ocean, filipino noodles, and the list goes on.

For this Thanksgiving week, I have no link to share with you, no event, resource, or outline.  I always share my favorites with you, but today I just want you to know that I am grateful for all the favorites in my life. And that includes all of you.

If you have any favorites that you are thankful for and would like to share, I invite you to do so below!

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Ana Zaldarriaga

By Ana Zaldarriaga

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