Daily Icebreaker! The Story of Your Name

Lucille Rivin
Lucille Rivin

The Story of your Name

Story of your Name

  • Ask students to think for a moment about a story involving their name, such as:
    • how they got their birth name or a nickname
    • a name that people always confuse their name for
    • someone for whom they were named
  • Instruct each student to state their full name and the story behind their name. If they cannot think of a story they should use their imaginations and make up a story.



Lucille Rivin

By Lucille Rivin

Currently Director of Curriculum and Project Development, Lucille Rivin has worked at The Leadership Program (TLP) for over 15 years. As Project Manager, Lucille oversaw the expansion of TLP’s Violence Prevention (VPP) program to comprise programs in Arts, Character Education, Advisory, and more. Under Lucille’s management VPP achieved model program status with OJJDP's MPG and SAMHSA's NREPP, national evidence-based assessors.