Ana Zaldarriaga
Ana Zaldarriaga

We are "un-officially" participating in this year’s BIYP Day!  After our first, Bring Your Family to Work Day last year, I was so excited when a co-worker shared with me LinkedIn’s BIYP Day.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to make the actual day happen since many of our staff’s parents span from all across the nation.  So it’s on our calendar for next year, and we will officially participate in 2016.

Since we didn’t bring our parents to work, we decided to at least get them involved. I thought I would just ask some of our parents what they say when someone asks them “what does your daughter/son do for work?’ Here are some of their answers:

"You inspire, challenge people to be their best." - Mary, mother of Erika Petrelli, Sr. VP of Leadership Development

"Do you think I don't know? You work as a manager who works very hard to place a teaching artist in a school where their experience and talent matches not the "school"  curriculum but to help educate children in art and creative learning like dance, theatre, etc. where they may excel. Is that two sentences?” - Sandy, mother of Alicia Barnatchez, Program Manager

"I tell people that you are VP for a company called Leadership Program that does after school programing, leadership training, professional development, etc. Right?" - Sabine, mother of Amanda Meeson, VP of Programming

"Kick butt!" – Aida , mother of Carla, Programming and Finance Liaison

"Introducing new teaching innovations" - Eddie, father of Ana Zaldarriaga, Sr. Director of Special Initiatives

"He supplies after school for children in underserved communities through grants. Started working with kids and now in administration managing teaching artists." - Mama Armstrong, mother of Tom Armstrong, Program Manager

“Party planner, funny hat wearer, and oh, running The Leadership Program!” - Jane, mother of Christine Courtney, President

"You are the interface with the public and The Leadership Program. You provide the communication with social media and help to "voice" the culture of the organization." - Maryanne, mother of Ali Mercier, Manager of Marketing Content

“My daughter… she’s in charge of everything!  She is the most important person in that company.” - Jacinta, mother of Tatiana Dominguez, VP  of Operations

“A coordinator… I think! A planner? Honestly, I really don’t know! - Noemi, mother of Melissa Alameda, Program Coordinator

“I don't know exactly what she does, but she is an administrator for an organization in education that helps students with problems. I know she is brilliant whatever her job is.” - Jean, mother of Lucille Rivin, Director of Curriculum Design

“My daughter very successfully sells a how-to-teach an educational and behavioral program to public and private schools.” - Cynthia, mother of Elaine Porcher, Sr. Director of Business Development

"You motivate people to become their best possible selves in all they do." - Emile and Georgia, parents of Greg Shamie, Director of Staff Development

“I believe you do something like an accountant.”  - Lena, mother of Nadley Reid, Finance Assistant

“She strives to service their internal customers as well as the external customers with the commitment to living the ten core values consistently to accomplish their goals. “ - Hon, father of Emily Siu, Program Evaluations Specialist

Based on the responses we received, it seems that the Leadership parents seem to have a good conceptual grasp of what we do. They might not know the full job description or the details of our day-to-day, but they get a sense of our value and contribution to the company. Overall, I give them an A!

I can’t wait to see what happens next year!

Ana Zaldarriaga is the Sr. Director of Special Initiatives and part of the Leadership Development Team at The Leadership Program. To learn more, about how they create opportunities for everyone to step into their leadership from classrooms to boardrooms,  go to

"BIYP Day" originally appeared as an article on LinkedIn

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Ana Zaldarriaga

By Ana Zaldarriaga

Ana Zaldarriaga Pronouns: she/her/hers Sr. Dir. of Employee Development The Leadership Program 535 8th Avenue, Floor 16 New York City, NY 10018 Phone: 212.625.8001 Fax: 212.625.8020 “…building strong leaders in classrooms and communities."