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The time for resolutions is here.

For much of my adult life I have made a resolution for the new year. I will be a better person (can you say SMART Goal?), I will lose 10 lbs, I will create a budget. And for the most part I have had some degree of success. However, there is one tiny little habit that I have yet to break.


I have become very good at putting things off. I have really good reasons: "That's not at the top of my priority list." or "There's just not enough hours in a day". But my personal favorite is "I'm a creative person; my brain just doesn't function that way!"

I am a creative person. And my brain probably does think about things in ways that is different from others. But isn't that true of all of us? So why do I (and maybe some of you) put things off when I feel they don't readily align with my art?
Answer: Because it makes me uncomfortable.

ART makes me happy. I feel confident. I can say to myself: "You go girl, job well done!!!" I have fun and my mind races. "What's next?!"

NON-art doesn't affect me the same way.  Instead my head is filled with a lot of questions.  "Is this right?" "I don't get it." " it that time again?"

So what do I do?  How do I reconcile my happy, fun-loving artist with my tepid and resistant grown-up.

I'm not quite sure.  Thankfully I have another eleven months to figure it out. 

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