A Look Inside - Final Projects

By Greg Shamie On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 no Comments · In school, Professional


Director of Staff Development Greg Shamie talks to trainers about final projects in "A Look Inside."

Greg Shamie

About Greg Shamie

Greg Shamie is Director of Staff Development at The Leadership Program, an organization that has been providing After School Programs, In Class Enrichment, Parent Workshops and Professional Development to schools throughout New York City since 1991. Greg started working in 2002 as a Leadership Trainer in the schools for three years before becoming a Field Supervisor for Manhattan and the Bronx. In his position now he is involved in the training and development of staff, development of curricula, front line implementation, and client consultation. He has successfully provided a variety of services for principals and their schools, including Violence Prevention, Classroom Management, Advisory, Character Education, Embracing Difference and Bullying Prevention programs—all of which focus on empowering students and teachers to develop positive pro-social skills that enable them to advance academically, professionally, and socially. Greg received his Masters in Educational Theatre at NYU.